I am pleased to offer a relaxed environment where you can explore your intimate desires.

Outfits and toys 

 I own a large selection of lingerie, costumes and toys and I can bring with me - don't be shy.

Bondage domination fetishes

I am pleased to offer light to hard bondage, domination and fetishes.

Switching roles

I am experienced in guiding someone who wishes to experience what it's like to switch from giving to receiving.


I enjoy spending time with couples. I can help you test out the water as a couple and determine what suits you both.


 My relations with my clients are very intimate and personal. I am caring and like trevelop a deep and a lasting friendship.

Social and travel 

I am highly educated well travelled and speak many languages I can discuss most subjects from the stock market to art history 

Pleasing the lady 

Women are very sensual and there are so many ways to excite as well as to to please a woman which will change your love life. I do enjoy candlelit dinners and seduction.

Special-needs - whether it's related to illness or physical limitations trauma or other reasons I will take great care of you.


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